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What To Bring


Preparing for Woodward Camp can seem a bit overwhelming. We hope we can help you out with our handy checklist.

Parents Camp Checklist

1. Mark Clothing/Possessions with your full name.

2. Schedule Transportation. (Log in to your account at least two weeks prior to your arrival and click on Required Documents to find the Transportation link.)

3. Decide on Spending money, Phone Calling, Go-karts, clothing, paintball and horseback riding. (We recommend logging in to your account to add funds prior to your arrival.)

4. Medical Form (a fully filled out medical form is needed before participation in any camp activities!) Log in to your account and click on Required Documents to find the Medical form.

5. Prescription Medicines in original container with name, dosage, doctor, frequency on label. (All meds will be checked in with camp nurses in our infirmary.)



- Bedding -  Campers MUST bring their own bedding.  We strongly suggest bringing a sleeping bag.  Sheets and Blankets are acceptable.

- Clothing: Shorts, T-shirts, Socks, Underwear, Sleepwear, Towels, Wash cloth, Jeans, Warm Jacket, Rain Gear, Sneakers, Swimsuit.

- Proper sport gear: Skateboard, Bike, Inline Skates, Snowboard, Scooter, Grips, Leotards, Workout Clothing, Helmet (mandatory) , Elbow, and Knee pads (Highly Recommended) - (Full Face helmets are highly recommended for dirt and the MegaRamp.)

        Please note, If you are flying in, many parents will ship their bikes via UPS or Fed-Ex.   Please call us at the main office if you need assistance in this process.  814.349.5633

- Please bring a lockable suitcase or foot locker. We strongly recommend labeling all clothing, cell phones, personal possessions, bikes, and equipment. Woodward Camp is not responsible for lost or stolen items.



No personal valuables should be brought to the camp. This would include jewelry, ipods, mp3 players, cameras, computers, and any good clothing. In the atmosphere of a training center where there are so many youngsters, campers tend to forget, lose track of, or misplace many things.





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